About Starr Educational Services

SES History

Starr Educational Services was founded in 2012 through the work of Starr Commonwealth and the continuing legacy of the Children’s Home of Detroit. The work to start SES began in 2009, Starr Commonwealth acquired the Children’s Home of Detroit (CHD) and agreed to continue the Children’s Home’s 172-year history of serving children and families. The acquisition made it possible for the Children’s Home of Detroit’s mission to live on while allowing Starr to expand its presence in southeastern Michigan.

With the assets of the Children’s Home of Detroit, Starr Commonwealth committed to thinking carefully and creatively about the use of the resources to benefit children and families. Starr explored new ways to broaden Starr’s reach to provide intervention and to better serve troubled and disadvantaged children of Detroit.

In September 2015, Starr Eastside Academy will open as a new elementary school serving students on the east side of Detroit. Starr Educational Services will continue to replicate the success of Starr Detroit Academy to open additional schools to serve students in grades Prekindergarten through Eighth grade.

Starr Commonwealth

Starr Commonwealth has over 100 years of experience in improving the lives of children, including providing both public and private education through its residential treatment programs. Starr’s goal is to assist students with the development, critical thinking and academic skills necessary for college completion.


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