Starr Model

Starr Model

At Starr we believe there are core elements in successful schools. All Starr schools will share these common operating principles known as the Starr Model.

A Belief in All Students

For the past 100 years Starr Commonwealth has pioneered work in resiliency and strength-based programs. Central to this work is the belief that all students will learn and achieve.

At Starr we start and end with the belief that all of our students can and will achieve, it is our job to create the educational environments for them to flourish. 

High Expectations

We believe that every child can and will learn. At Starr students, parents, teachers, and leaders create an achievement oriented culture which supports and prepares students to be successful in high school, college, work, and life.

More Time to Learn

At Starr we know instructional time is sacred. Our longer day and longer year ensures that Starr students receive 23% more instructional  time than their counterparts. This time not only allows Starr teachers to provide additional time in core subjects but also ensirures that students receive a well-rounded curriculum including Atr,Music,Gym, and foreign Languages.

Focus on Results

At Starr we measure our success on student performance. We are committed to ensuring every child is on grade level and prepared to enter high school on track for college. Our teachers monitor student Mastery and provide targeted instruction when students struggle with concepts. Our digital learning curriculum provides a personalized learning experience for each child that is at their instructional level.

Parents as Partners

Parents are partners in their child’s education at Starr. At Starr we have an open door policy and we encourage parents to be actively engaged in their child’s education. Monthly community events, report cards, progress report conferences and parent committees are just a few ways we encourage families to participate.


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