Starr Model

Typical Day

A typical school day at a Starr school includes:


As students enter the building each will be greeted with a hand shake and check-in from one of the school leaders. We believe it's important for students to know that every day, we are happy to see them, and we are excited for what they will accomplish.


Breakfast is provided every morning before beginning work.  During breakfast, teachers check-in with students as well as check their homework.

Community Meetings

Classroom community meetings are an opportunity for students to be welcomed to the classroom each morning and feel part of the community. During community meetings, teachers review the schools values, give students an opportunity to share about those values, and recognize students who have exemplified the values. Community meetings serve to build classroom community and motivate the students to learn. 

English Language Arts

Reading is fundamental and at Starr all students start their morning in reading. It is so critical that we spend nearly two and a half hours each day on reading, writing, and language arts.  The ability to read and write is the cornerstone of our students’ futures.


A deep understanding of math promotes procedures, problem-solving and ultimately critical thinking skills. We provide our students with real world applications of math through partnerships with STEM and digital learning programs.  We want to provide our students with the foundations necessary for them to be the next generation of engineers, doctors, and scientists. 


All students receive a hot lunch. Structure, order and purpose are observed while students quickly and quietly receive food, converse with classmates and eat their meal.

Science & Social Studies

Social Studies and science allow students to apply their literacy and math skills in project-based learning.

Elective Courses

Each day students’ rotate between different elective courses including Art, Music, Gym, and Foreign Language.  Elective courses are core components of our educational program and serve to develop the whole child.

Digital Learning

Students at Starr rotate between time on the computers where they work on digital learning programs such as ST Math, Raz Kids, iReady, and Reading Eggs.  These programs provide personalized learning experiences for each child in the reading and math.  Students can extend the learning time by accessing the programs at home afterschool, during the weekend or over holiday breaks.


Starr schools provide extended day enrichment courses for students. These courses include athletic programs, leadership programs, additional art, music, and foreign language programs. 


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